The Marvel Company, a 4th generation family owned business, was created in 1946 by two men, Andrew Marvel, an engineer from the U.S. Navy and Tom McGregor, a businessman from Washington, DC.

Unsatisfied with only crude and imprecise knife-edge balancing methods available, Andrew decided to start experimenting with various methods of static balancing. Through trial and error, Andrew designed a unique method that utilized a flexible solid suspension element housed in a shaft that was hung vertically. And through their partnership, Tom McGregor utilized his business expertise to present and sell this innovative product to the U.S. Military and commercial aircraft companies.

Other than airplane propellers, what other application can Marvel’s static balancing technique be used for?

Andrew and Tom knew their superior static balancing product’s application should not be limited to only airplane propellers. In 1946, the Bell Helicopter Model 47 was the first helicopter certified in the United States for commercial flight by the FAA. Shortly after, Andrew and Tom started the development and marketing of static balancing equipment for helicopter rotors.

What’s changed at Marvel from the start? Has the company ever changed ownership?

There have been some changes since the start. After 15 years of working with Tom in this successful company, Andrew decided to retire and sold his interest to Tom. He then incorporated the company in 1961 that remains under the same family leadership to this day. Additionally, Marvel’s primary business remains today as it was back in 1947, aircraft rotor and propeller static balancing.

Where does Marvel stand in the aviation industry? What’s so special about Marvel and Marvel employees?

The Marvel Company’s static balancing products are widely used and respected throughout the aviation industry. This is by not only in the loyalty of Marvel’s customers but also in the loyalty of Marvel’s dedicated employees. Many employees have been with the company for decades. Over the years, Marvel has remained the industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of precision balancing equipment recommended and used worldwide. Marvel’s commitment to producing high quality products is a main contributor to the company’s longevity.