Company History

Andrew Marvel, an engineer from the U.S. Navy and Tom McGregor, a businessman from Washington, DC, started the Marvel Manufacturing Company as a partnership in Passaic, NJ in 1946.
Andrew Marvel was experimenting with different methods of static balancing of aircraft propellers. The only method in use at the time was the relatively crude and imprecise knife-edge balancing method. He designed a novel method that utilized a flexible solid suspension element housed in a shaft that was hung vertically. Tom McGregor partnered with Andrew Marvel to provide the business expertise and capital to develop and market the product to the U.S. Military and commercial aircraft companies.
Initially, the company's balancing equipment was used solely for the static balancing of propellers. In 1946, the Bell Helicopter Model 47 was the first helicopter certified in the United States for commercial flight by the FAA. Consequently, Marvel Manufacturing Company began to develop and market static balancing equipment for helicopter rotors. Several patents were filed and awarded by the US Patent Office for Marvel Manufacturing's innovative static balancing designs.
Andrew Marvel eventually retired and sold his interest in the concern to Tom McGregor. McGregor subsequently incorporated the company in 1961 as a closely held corporation. Marvel Manufacturing is currently owned by McGregor's two daughters: Linda Byron and Gail Fearing and as such qualifies under federal guidelines as a female/minority owned business Although aircraft rotor and prop balancing remain the foundation of Marvel's business, diversified applications have included the balancing of jet turbines, industrial fans and Land Craft Air Cushion propellers as well as other applications in the aviation field.
Our manufacturing facilities are currently located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We continue to actively work with manufacturers to develop new static balancing applications to meet the changing needs of the aeronautics industry, our Armed Forces, and those who provide Homeland Security.
The Marvel Manufacturing Company is proud to be the recipient of the  "Quality Excellence " award, presented by the United States Department of Defense, as part of their  Contractor Assessment Program.
Latest News

In 2010, Marvel Manufacturing formally introduced its “111” kit and made it available for sale to the US military as well as all approved foreign governments who use American helicopters for military purposes. Our updated 111 kit was designed to increase the number of helicopters tail rotors it can service while still maintaining portability and durability. The 111 also contains no obsolete supportive equipment (for helicopters which the U.S. Military no longer uses). In times of heightened scrutiny over budget expenditures and subsequent cost-cutting, this ensures that the US Military receives maximum flexibility and value for its dollar.
Our 111 kit is currently being used in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as at main overhaul and repair depots here in the U.S. It has received excellent reviews from those technical and field personnel who are currently using it. This kit includes tail rotor balancing equipment for the UH-60 (Black Hawk).

Marvel Manufacturing will continue to work closely with all branches of the US Military to provide static balancing solutions to aircraft that sustain our national defense and protect our freedoms.